IAM Working Group

Group Charter

  • Provide guidance on the various Identity and Access Management services use cases
  • Define requirements for those use cases 
  • Promote the alignment and prioritization of IAM service functionality
  • Communicate key technology & strategic decisions


  • AD – Ken Brobeck, Greg White, Jingchen Zhou
  • ESH – Simon Ovrahim
  • F&O – Marco Alcazar, Nick Zontos
  • FPD – Tina Cartaro, Richard Dubois, Maria Elena Monzani
  • HR – Ramona Minahnahri, Eric Shubert
  • IT – Erika Everingham, Michelle Jost, Erwin Lopez, Kevin Purcell, Jon Russell, Bruce Vincent, Ross Wilper
  • LCLS – Jana Thayer
  • SSRL – Edgar Estebanez, Kevin Stone, Clemens Wermelskirchen
  • TID – Yemi Adesanya, Amedeo Perazzo, Yee Ting Li, Brian Van Klaveren, Wei Yang